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The Beast’s Skull – Endangered Asiatic Lion Skull 2 oz Silver coin

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This high relief 3D lifelike coin series honours endangered beasts in Asia, featuring half the endangered beast’s head and half its skull. The first coin in the series features Asiatic Lion, a large predatory cat, which is an endangered lion species native in India. Its skin tears in the middle revealing the lion skull on the right. Its fur is heavily speckled with black spots and it has a longitudinal fold of skin running along its belly. Due to its predatory nature, Asiatic lions are often hunted and poisoned to protect domestic animals from the lion’s predation.

The coin bears an ultra-high relief effect in antique finishing that is masterfully crafted to bring to life the Asiatic Lion.

The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley and is legal tender in Niue. The coin is presenting in a matching thematic gift box.