SKB Secure Storage Program


Store Your Precious Metals with a Peace of Mind

Protect your wealth through physical storage of your gold and silver outside the banking system in a safe jurisdiction. SKB Secure Storage Program offers  allocated precious metal storage in a highly secure facility at The Singapore Freeport. Your precious metals are held in your name and you can sell or withdraw anytime at your convenience.


How it works?

Step 1: Make a purchase and select “Vault Storage” as your shipping method

Step 2: Create or Login to your SK Bullion account and checkout

Step 3: Upon order confirmation and payment verification, you will receive a Storage Contract email from SK Bullion

Step 4: Sign the storage contract and mail it back to SK Bullion

Step 5: Once the endorsed Storage Contract is received, your order will be processed into SKB Vault Storage. A photo of your bullion in a sealed bag with a unique seal number will also be updated in your Storage Account.


Hear from us!

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